Professional video content for your organisation.


Clare and Daniel started working together at university, and started Foxbite Media in early 2013, after graduating. Based in Folkestone, south-east Kent, they have worked with clients from across the UK.

Daniel Battersby


If you contact us, the chances are you'll be speaking to Daniel first. As producer, his job is to liaise with clients to establish exactly what they need from their video. Then he can put together a tailor-made package that suits your needs and budget. In fact, he'll work closely with you throughout the project, to make sure that you're getting exactly what you want. Daniel is an obsessive music fan who enjoys getting out on the bike, or relaxing with a quiz or puzzle, often in conjunction with a nice cup of tea.


Clare Unsworth


As our resident director, cinematographer and editor, Clare has the skills and technical know how to ensure that your video looks its best. What's more, her keen photographer's eye will give your film the visual edge to help it stand out. In fact, if your project requires photos, she can do that too. Clare uses high grade equipment to shoot and edit the best footage around, and she knows exactly how to use it to get the eye-catching, professional results you need. When she's not making films and videos, Clare loves nature photography and she's a dab hand at origami as well.